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Products and Services

1. Financial advice

2. Company registration and account opening

3. Individual offshore account opening

4. International property investment

5. Lump sum investment

6. Project financing, acquisition and joint venture mobilization

7. Commodity trading

We offer bespoke financial advice to progressive and high networth individuals and corporates. We offer sound wealth creation and preservation services backed by sound high performing, risk averse investment options. We encourage our clients to invest their hard earned wealth into flexible and mostly asset backed investment options such as bonds and International property. We, however are and willing to go that extra mile for our clients who may have higher risk appetites.

Silver Armour management Services established formidable relationships with renowned international property developers based in the UK, Dubai, Mauritius and South Africa. Investing in international real estate allows investors to diversify their real estate portfolio geographically while enjoying the security of investing in brick and motor. International property has a high appreciation rate and high rental income coupled with favorable mortgage conditions which is good for portfolio growth. We generally advise our clients to invest in off plan project that have by rule of thumb an immediate appreciation rate of not less than 15% upon completion of project in a period not exceeding 18 months. We assist with “hands free solutions” meaning that one only pays deposit and our partners will assist then to get mortgage and tenants that will pay rentals adequate to set off mortgage repayments. In all cases we assist to design investment structures that are bespoke to individuals. .

Silver Armour management services has strategic partnerships in various jurisdictions to facilitate in the registration of International Business corporations and subsequence accounts. We carefully select jurisdictions that will add value to our clients with add-ons such as tax efficiency, depositor protection, tax treaties, enabling trading environment and access to top banks. Jurisdictions offering such conditions include UAE, Mauritius, British Virgin Islands, and to some extent Botswana and South Africa. .

Silver Armour management Services’ investment philosophy is to maximize returns while maintaining the lowest possible risk. To achieve this we recommend that our clients invest their hard earned savings in solid asset backed fixed income investments and there is no better way than to invest in high performing bonds. We strive to work with solutions that have shortest possible maturities and frequent interest pay outs such as quarterly, biannually and annual interest payments. This way our clients get the opportunity to enjoy flexibility hence enjoy financial freedom. We also seek to offer investors the least possible lump sum investment entry point i.e. GBP 5 000. We always endeavor to expose our investors to tax efficient structures in well regulated jurisdictions with capital protection. .

We assist our clients to open individual accounts with efficient banks residing in safe and tax efficient jurisdictions. This product mainly benefits expatriate professionals and those whose life style involve lots of traveling. The accounts also allow them to diversify their life savings into safe nests with maximum depositor protection. These accounts also become the operating accounts for their international investments. Such jurisdictions include countries such as Isle of Man and Belize .

Due to our active participation on the markets, we naturally interact with investors of all calibers from those with excess funds and are looking for opportunities to fund viable projects in developing and emerging markets, to those seeking outright purchase of existing and green field projects or seeking to enter into joint ventures at various capacities. We are the much needed catalyst that links like-minded businesses resulting in formidable empires.

 Silver Armour Management Services is aware that Africa is endowed with natural resources hence the need to assist our investors to secure opportunities on international markets. We secure markets for commodities such as minerals, agricultural produce and value added products. .